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Monolithic Gold Line Ammunition
The 21st Century Bullet

Welcome to Monolithic Munitions, where we are duty bound to bring you the best rifle ammunition money can buy! Focusing on Monolithic solid copper bullets–like no bullet you have ever seen. Higher velocity, high ballistic coefficient, better accuracy, devastating terminal performance–this ammunition will bring out performance from your rifle you never thought possible!

Monolithic ammunition is: GS Custom bullets, Handmade, Factory Direct.

GS Custom bullets are turned one at a time on a CNC lathe. Dimensions controlled to 0.0002″ provide consistency that die made bullets can only dream of. Drive Band Technology increases velocity and reduces barrel wear. HV flat faced cylinder expansion produces incredible take-down power and terminal ballistics. The end result is a faster, more accurate bullet that harvests game better and makes your rifle barrel last up to three times longer. More about GS Custom

Handmade by the Monolithic Load Master, each cartridge is made with the greatest care. Each Gold Line propellant charge is weighed to within 0.1 grains. Only the best primers are used, like CCI BR2 benchrest primers, look for the tiny B stamped on the primer. Top quality tools are used to keep run out to a minimum. All cases and finished rounds are hand inspected to control quality. The ammunition you buy from Monolithic Munitions is built with every bit of the care and dedication you would put into building your own ammunition. About Monolithic

Factory Direct means more value for you. We ship this handmade ammunition with the best bullets you can buy right to your door at a price similar to mass produced ammunition with lesser bullets. Because there is no middle man to mark your ammo up, you get incredible value! About Monolithic

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