About Monolithic

So who are these guys at Monolithic?

Our team is dedicated to bringing you the best hand made ammunition, factory direct. The leaders of our team are Jonathan Sondreal and Scott Sterling. Our cartridges are the result of several years of load development and countless hours at our ballistics range, now we are ready to start providing top quality ammunition with the best bullets to discerning hunters, law enforcement personnel, military, and citizens.

Why handmade? Big fast automated presses are great for cranking out 50+ rounds per minute of cheap pistol ammunition, and for most handguns, that type of ammunition is more than sufficient. When it comes to precision long range rifle ammunition, a higher level of precision is required. The longer the shot the better all the parts of the chain must be to achieve success: rifle, scope, bullet, ammunition, and marksmanship. Your shots are only as good as the weakest link. The art of rifle building, the level of training of the marksman, and the quality of scopes have been advancing for the last decade, now ammunition and bullets must catch up. To do this, we build your ammunition just like the best rifle smith builds your custom rifle, by hand. Extensive testing of each load ensures that the best powder, primer, and case are used to complement the top quality GS Custom bullets.

Factory Direct? You, our customer, are our top priority. To offer the best product at the best value we have decided factory direct is the way to go. In the 21st century we live in today there is no need for middlemen for the tiny volume of ammunition we can make per year. If you are reading this you demand the best and are willing to search it out. You have found the best ammunition at the best value. Considering all the costs that go into any shooting endeavor, travel, equipment, time, and even risking your life, the cost of top quality ammunition is tiny. For all that you do, this ammunition is for you!

Jonathan Sondreal:

My interest in firearms began with my Grandpa. He showed me BB guns at a very early age and I’ve been hooked on guns ever since. I have always really enjoyed the outdoors (especially when I’m armed). I really enjoy hiking and hunting. On my down time I enjoy playing drums and spending time with family and friends.

Scott and I met in 2004 and since then we have really enjoyed shooting and reloading ammo together. After a while, I started competing in local action pistol matches and I also became enthused with hitting targets that were far away. I have since put a lot of time into studying rifle ballistics. Learning to load quality rifle ammunition really got me into the science of shooting. I began to spend a lot of time shooting rifles and learning how to make long range hits. Ammunition is a passion of mine and I want to load and distribute the best ammunition possible.

Scott Sterling:

What can I say; I have always been interested in marksmanship and rifles. When I was 3 years old my hippie parents got a set of encyclopedias for their little rug rat (me), and they tell me the first thing I wanted to look up was guns, followed by bombs. Mind you this from a household where TV was banned, as was white sugar, white bread, and just about anything that was from a store. We had our own chickens, goats and garden, you get the picture. Growing up out in the hills of California many days were spent with my pellet gun roaming the hills, I still have that gun. Real guns and hunting were off limits by parental decree, except at boy scout camp, where I enjoyed small bore and earned the rank of Eagle Scout.

Shortly after turning 18 I saved up and purchased a Colt Sporter HBAR. A few months after that an old friend gave me all his reloading equipment, including a Dillon RL550B. The rest is history, I have been shooting and loading since those fateful days in the early ’90s. After some bumps in the road I finished my college education at UC Berkeley and earned a degree in physics. The strong scientific education only increased my interest in ballistics and drove me to study the subject in greater depth. Physicists fall into two main groups, experimental and theoretical. I am an experimental physicist by nature, this has led me to create tests to further my understanding of all aspects of ballistics. After years of study and experimentation for my own ends, I have decided to dedicate myself to developing and building the best rifle ammunition.