.416 Barrett done the Monolithic way!

One of our lucky customers has a Barrett M82 chambered for .416 Barrett.  He asked if we could improve on the factory ammunition he had been shooting.  You bet we can!  Back to the secret laboratory we went!  Here are the results!

The target was fired at 170 yards, from the ground.  The group is just over 1 inch!  It is 11″ above the point of aim because the rifle is zeroed for 500 yards.


The stats on this bad boy are 420g GS Custom SP non-lead bullet starting at 3000 fps muzzle velocity.  The bullet has a G1 BC of 0.880, resulting in supersonic fight out to 2400 yards!  8393 ft-lb of muzzle energy, and still carrying 1380 ft-lb of energy at 2400 yards!  Each round has almost 200 grains of super slow powder!

The grins this gun puts on your face are a mile wide!

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