Custom Ammo Development Program

So you found our tiny corner of the web where you can get the best ammunition in the world right from the factory, but we don’t make the cartridge your personal favorite rifle is chambered for.  You’re in luck; we will make special order ammunition.  This custom service is not for the faint of pocketbook, but it is available.  Here is how custom orders work.

For .338 Lapua and smaller cartridges that virgin brass is available, If you buy 750 rounds, and we can get the necessary components, Monolithic Munitions will develop a custom load just for you.    If you want less than 750 rounds,  a $150 service charge is required for each 100 rounds less than 750 you want to buy.  For example, if you want 250 rounds you would pay $750 plus the cost for 250 rounds of that cartridge.

If you want a round bigger than .338 Lapua, or a wildcat that requires case forming please call Monolithic Munitions and we will work out something on a case by case basis.

You can contact us here with your questions or to place an order for your custom ammo.