1 inch at 300 yards!

More great customer feedback.  Here is the exact texts of the email from our very happy customer, and the picture he sent of his target.

225 grain GS Custom 338 Lapua from Monolithic Munitions shot November 30, 2013 at 300 yards from Accuracy International 338 Lapua Magnum using AI bipod at 7100 feet elevation, 45 degrees F temperature, 80% relative humidity. S&B 5-25X56mm scope.  27 inch barrel, average velocity 3160 fps using magneto speed chronograph.

In addition, the ammunition made a clean hole through steel plate at 200 yards.

Will be elk hunting with this ammunition and rifle in mid January and am going to order 40 more rounds.

Thats some good shooting!  We all wish him luck on his Elk hunt and hope to get a picture of him with a nice Bull Elk!

Thanks for taking the time to send us a picture!

We love to hear from Customers!

The lucky customer who purchased the first run of 416 Barrett ammunition has been having some fun.  He sent pictures of his target.

Now a little further back so you can see the whole target!

If you look close you can see the copper the bullet left behind.

Now the question of the hour, how far was the shooter from the target when he fired this group?

200 yards?  400 yards?  keep going.


This group was fired from 700 yards away!  It is amazing what can be done with a great shooter using a great rifle and great ammunition,

We love it when it all comes together.

.416 Barrett done the Monolithic way!

One of our lucky customers has a Barrett M82 chambered for .416 Barrett.  He asked if we could improve on the factory ammunition he had been shooting.  You bet we can!  Back to the secret laboratory we went!  Here are the results!

The target was fired at 170 yards, from the ground.  The group is just over 1 inch!  It is 11″ above the point of aim because the rifle is zeroed for 500 yards.


The stats on this bad boy are 420g GS Custom SP non-lead bullet starting at 3000 fps muzzle velocity.  The bullet has a G1 BC of 0.880, resulting in supersonic fight out to 2400 yards!  8393 ft-lb of muzzle energy, and still carrying 1380 ft-lb of energy at 2400 yards!  Each round has almost 200 grains of super slow powder!

The grins this gun puts on your face are a mile wide!

GS Custom in the press! Ammoguide raves!

Great article on GS Custom bullets just published at ammoguide.com

A few highlights:

“The GS HV is actually a different bullet in its design and performed better than the other monolithic bullets I had used to date.”

“Yes, the Barnes bullet killed every animal I shot with them (they should have), the shots were placed exactly where they were supposed to go. Only problem was I ended up having to hunt for a period of time for all but two of the animals I shot with the Barnes bullets.”

Read the whole review here: http://ammoguide.com/?article=pricescorner/130801

And get your ammo with GS Custom bullets at Monolithic Munitions!

Direct from a happy customer, Paul B. in CA.

Here is an email we got from Paul B. in California.

Hi Jack,

This should answer your question if the ammo makes that much difference.  I have also sent this to Scott at Monolithic.

Hi Scott,

I like your ammo.  I will be ordering more to see how they do at longer distance.

 This first picture is  Remington sierra match (HPBT)at 168gr. 100 yards shot from bench.Three group shoot about 1″ group.  No attempt to zero scope in that I was just looking for group size.

This second group, lower left corner is Federal sierra match (HPBT) 168 gr. 100 yards shot from bench.  About 1.5″ group.

This third group is the Monolithic Munitions .308 130 Gr.  The lower two were shot first, I adjusted the scope up one inch and shot four more all connecting.  Monolithic’s ammunition is good.  Next time I am up at the ranch I will try some at 500 to 700 yards.

This is the 100 yard range at my house.

Paul B.”

This is an exact copy of Paul’s email, only change is omitting his full name, and rotating the range picture so its upright.

Don’t take it from me, Paul will tell you how well Monolithic Munitions ammo shoots!

Hunting with Monolithic Munitions!

On the weekend of April 28th 2013 friends Chris and Jonathan went to a private ranch in the Santa Cruz Mountains to hunt wild boar.  This was not the first such trip, it was the first successful trip.  Boar are hard to find in the thick undergrowth of the hilly ranch country away from the beach.  Miles up in the hills the dry land is home to oaks and coyote brush and poison oak!  On this trip it was getting late in the day when the friends drove up to the ranch, dusk is a good time to hunt.  At the bottom of the ranch rifles were uncased and loaded with 223 Rem 40g HV cartridges from Monolithic Munitions.

After trekking up into the hills the friends got to one of the clearings they had seen tracks at on previous trips.  This time when the entered the clearing the saw boar!  In the split second before the boar could run into the woods Chris took aim and fired.  The big male we have named Pezao (meaning big foot) only made it a little ways into the bush and was found in a few minutes. The big boar was harvested with a 40g bullet, we thank him for his bounty and what we learned from him.  

Monolithic Update! April 2013

The last month has been very exciting here at Monolithic Munitions.  We are getting bullets in stock, and that means ammunition is ready to go!  .223 Rem / 5.56 NATO was first, followed closely by 22-250 Rem at a screaming 4250 fps.

Just last week a shipment of 6.5mm and .338 cal bullets came in, so today we opened sales on 260 Remington with 95g HV for hunting and 109g SP for long range targets.  .338 Lapua needs more development, expect it to be available in a few weeks in limited quantities.

To top it all off today April 9th we got news that 130g HV bullets are in production at the GS Custom factory in MI.  That means .308 Win, 30-06 Spr, and .300 Win Mag are just around the corner!

Here is a picture of bullets recovered from Ballistics gel,  even at extreme impact velocity you can see how they shed the nose, and form a flat faced cylinder for optimum terminal performance.

22-250 Rocks the Gel!

Testing 22-250 Remington loads 40g GS HV compared to a 40g Polymer tip varmint bullet from a major manufacturer.
The HV impacted at about 4400 fps the 40g Poly tip at about 4200 fps.

This picture is a comparison of impacts in gel.  The top impact is a 40g
(poly tip varmint bullet) impact speed 4200 fps.  Bottom is the 40 g GS HV, impact speed 4400 fps.

Notice the permanent damage of both bullets is similar. The large damage track for the HV goes 8.5” in,
and what you can’t see is the HV went 26.5 “ total penetration.  The Poly tip only makes a good wound 2.5” in
and total penetration is only 6.5”

The Poly tip is a varmint bullet so it is expected to be fragile, but what really sets the HV apart is the damage
in the first few inches is as good as a super fragile varmint bullet, without the lead fragments, and the penetration
is equivalent to a big game bullet.

What is really funny is the manufacturer of the Poly tip claims “expand quickly with high weight retention and without
the fear of over-penetration.”  What a joke, weight retention was basically zero since the bullet fragmented completely,
who knows if it would even reach vitals on a big man, let alone a larger animal.

4th of July fireworks from Monolithic Munitions! 14.9 SOP first shot Video!

For all our fans out there we made a little 4th of July treat for you.

More info and videos coming soon. To clear up a few misconceptions floating around the web, only 3 companies are involved in the development of the 14.9 SOP. JG Weapons, GS Custom Bullets, and Monolithic Munitions LLC. Any claims by any other groups are untrue, XLR Industries made the rifle chassis. The 14.9 SOP will be a shoulder fired rifle when development is completed, other rifles exist that fire the 20mm Vulcan from the shoulder, the 14.9 SOP will not generate more recoil than the 20mm.

Have a great 4th of July and be safe with all your fireworks just like your friends here at Monolithinc Munitions!