1 inch at 300 yards!

More great customer feedback.  Here is the exact texts of the email from our very happy customer, and the picture he sent of his target.

225 grain GS Custom 338 Lapua from Monolithic Munitions shot November 30, 2013 at 300 yards from Accuracy International 338 Lapua Magnum using AI bipod at 7100 feet elevation, 45 degrees F temperature, 80% relative humidity. S&B 5-25X56mm scope.  27 inch barrel, average velocity 3160 fps using magneto speed chronograph.

In addition, the ammunition made a clean hole through steel plate at 200 yards.

Will be elk hunting with this ammunition and rifle in mid January and am going to order 40 more rounds.

Thats some good shooting!  We all wish him luck on his Elk hunt and hope to get a picture of him with a nice Bull Elk!

Thanks for taking the time to send us a picture!

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