22-250 Rocks the Gel!

Testing 22-250 Remington loads 40g GS HV compared to a 40g Polymer tip varmint bullet from a major manufacturer.
The HV impacted at about 4400 fps the 40g Poly tip at about 4200 fps.

This picture is a comparison of impacts in gel.  The top impact is a 40g
(poly tip varmint bullet) impact speed 4200 fps.  Bottom is the 40 g GS HV, impact speed 4400 fps.

Notice the permanent damage of both bullets is similar. The large damage track for the HV goes 8.5” in,
and what you can’t see is the HV went 26.5 “ total penetration.  The Poly tip only makes a good wound 2.5” in
and total penetration is only 6.5”

The Poly tip is a varmint bullet so it is expected to be fragile, but what really sets the HV apart is the damage
in the first few inches is as good as a super fragile varmint bullet, without the lead fragments, and the penetration
is equivalent to a big game bullet.

What is really funny is the manufacturer of the Poly tip claims “expand quickly with high weight retention and without
the fear of over-penetration.”  What a joke, weight retention was basically zero since the bullet fragmented completely,
who knows if it would even reach vitals on a big man, let alone a larger animal.

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