Direct from a happy customer, Paul B. in CA.

Here is an email we got from Paul B. in California.

Hi Jack,

This should answer your question if the ammo makes that much difference.  I have also sent this to Scott at Monolithic.

Hi Scott,

I like your ammo.  I will be ordering more to see how they do at longer distance.

 This first picture is  Remington sierra match (HPBT)at 168gr. 100 yards shot from bench.Three group shoot about 1″ group.  No attempt to zero scope in that I was just looking for group size.

This second group, lower left corner is Federal sierra match (HPBT) 168 gr. 100 yards shot from bench.  About 1.5″ group.

This third group is the Monolithic Munitions .308 130 Gr.  The lower two were shot first, I adjusted the scope up one inch and shot four more all connecting.  Monolithic’s ammunition is good.  Next time I am up at the ranch I will try some at 500 to 700 yards.

This is the 100 yard range at my house.

Paul B.”

This is an exact copy of Paul’s email, only change is omitting his full name, and rotating the range picture so its upright.

Don’t take it from me, Paul will tell you how well Monolithic Munitions ammo shoots!

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