Hunting with Monolithic Munitions!

On the weekend of April 28th 2013 friends Chris and Jonathan went to a private ranch in the Santa Cruz Mountains to hunt wild boar.  This was not the first such trip, it was the first successful trip.  Boar are hard to find in the thick undergrowth of the hilly ranch country away from the beach.  Miles up in the hills the dry land is home to oaks and coyote brush and poison oak!  On this trip it was getting late in the day when the friends drove up to the ranch, dusk is a good time to hunt.  At the bottom of the ranch rifles were uncased and loaded with 223 Rem 40g HV cartridges from Monolithic Munitions.

After trekking up into the hills the friends got to one of the clearings they had seen tracks at on previous trips.  This time when the entered the clearing the saw boar!  In the split second before the boar could run into the woods Chris took aim and fired.  The big male we have named Pezao (meaning big foot) only made it a little ways into the bush and was found in a few minutes. The big boar was harvested with a 40g bullet, we thank him for his bounty and what we learned from him.  

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