Monolithic Update! April 2013

The last month has been very exciting here at Monolithic Munitions.  We are getting bullets in stock, and that means ammunition is ready to go!  .223 Rem / 5.56 NATO was first, followed closely by 22-250 Rem at a screaming 4250 fps.

Just last week a shipment of 6.5mm and .338 cal bullets came in, so today we opened sales on 260 Remington with 95g HV for hunting and 109g SP for long range targets.  .338 Lapua needs more development, expect it to be available in a few weeks in limited quantities.

To top it all off today April 9th we got news that 130g HV bullets are in production at the GS Custom factory in MI.  That means .308 Win, 30-06 Spr, and .300 Win Mag are just around the corner!

Here is a picture of bullets recovered from Ballistics gel,  even at extreme impact velocity you can see how they shed the nose, and form a flat faced cylinder for optimum terminal performance.

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